Twin sisters created a unique world record, people are stunned to see the height of both. Japanese Twin sisters enter Guinness


Guinness World Records: It is usually seen in twins that not only their faces are similar but their stature is also almost the same, but a very strange case related to twins has come to the fore in Japan. Everyone is surprised to know about this.

Twin sisters made unique world record

Image Credit source: Twitter/Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records: The birth of twins is not a new thing. Twins are often born in different countries of the world, but it is a matter of luck for two girls or two boys to be born together in those twins. It is usually seen in such twins that not only their faces are similar but their stature is also almost the same, but in Japan twins (Twins) a big one related to kinda weird The matter has come to the fore, knowing about which everyone is surprised.

Actually, the height of two twin sisters living in Japan has surprised everyone. There is a difference of land and sky in the height of both and this difference has proved beneficial for them. Because of this huge difference in his height, he has made a unique world record. The names of these two sisters have now been registered in the Guinness World Records.

According to Guinness World Records, the names of these unique twin sisters living in Okayama, Japan are Yoshi and Mishi Kikuchi. Both these sisters were born together in the year 1989, but their faces are different and their height too. You will be surprised to know that there is a difference of 2 feet 5 inches in the height of both the sisters. You must have never seen such a wonder in your life.

The height of one sister Yoshi is 162.5 cm i.e. 5 feet 4 inches, while the height of the other sister Mishi is 87.5 cm i.e. only 2 feet 10.5 inches. According to the reports, Yoshi is physically fit, so his height kept increasing like normal girls, but Mishi is not fit. He has a bone disease called congenital spinal epiphyseal dysplasia Is. Due to this disease, his bones did not develop and that is why his height did not increase. It is being told that Yoshi is married and now she has also become a mother.

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