Twitter Staff: This company is giving offer to the employees removed from Twitter, said- work for us

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Elon Musk Twitter Staff: When one door closes in life, God opens many more for you. It is known that about half of the employees of the social media platform Twitter have been laid off. Billionaire owner Elon Musk has already laid off thousands of employees from Twitter, which is now opening several doors for those workers after a new shutdown.

employees are getting offers

According to a media report, since the arrival of Elon Musk, something similar is happening with the former employees of Twitter these days. These employees have started getting offers from some tech companies. This offer says work with us, work as you want, work as long as you want.

3,700 employees were laid off

Technology companies are wooing thousands of talented employees fired from social media giant Twitter. After buying Twitter, Elon Musk has reduced the company’s top executives to a small workforce. About half the company’s workforce, or about 3,700 employees, have been laid off.

printed open letter

Amanda Richardson, CEO of recruiting at software startup CoderPad, has published an open letter to those leaving Twitter. He said what he went through after the takeover was ‘extremely disappointing, painful and disappointing’. At Coderpad, we believe that your skill is everything. This is not where you sit. It’s not like you fall asleep on the job. It’s not like they work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The officer of this company expressed displeasure

Katie Burke, Chief People Officer of American software company HubSpot, has expressed her displeasure with Musk. On a LinkedIn post, Katie wrote that ‘listening to criticism is part of a leader’s job’. He wrote, ‘Great leaders embrace debate and disagreement makes you better and it is part of the process. If you want a place where you can disagree with people, HubSpot is hiring.

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