Ukraine suffered a loss of $ 1.6 million on Biden’s visit to Kiev


Kyiv, 13 March. US President Joe Biden’s visit to war-torn Ukraine has become overwhelming. Ukraine had to spend $1.6 million on Biden’s security. Be aware that on February 20, US President Biden suddenly reached Kiev. Where he met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and discussed the American arms supply and situation. He also announced financial assistance to Ukraine during the visit. Biden’s visit was kept very secret. However, Russia had hinted that the US had shared information about the visit.
Ukraine: Ukraine suffered a loss of $ 1.6 million on Biden's visit to Kiev
According to reports, US President Joe Biden’s visit to Kiev has cost Ukrainian taxpayers more than $1.6 million. This money was allocated for the US President’s security, arranging a visit to Kiev and preparing for the banquet. In addition, a separate expense was to mobilize a crowd of ordinary citizens and to tell about the friendship that exists between the US and Ukraine.

Biden announced an additional $500 million aid package for Ukraine. The package also included money for the HIMARS rocket system, ammunition and other weapons. Apart from this, it was also agreed to release separate funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine. However, Biden categorically denied giving fighter jets to Ukraine.
Ukraine: Ukraine suffered a loss of $ 1.6 million on Biden's visit to Kiev
The US has given Kiev billions of dollars in aid since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. Apart from this, a large number of weapons are also being supplied to Ukraine. Ukraine is fighting a war with Russia on the basis of these weapons. America has also announced to give Abram tank to Ukraine. American howitzers, rockets and missiles are already involved in the Ukraine war.

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