Umesh Pal murder case: Constable who helped Atiq Ahmed’s brother Ashraf arrested, used to meet in jail without ID


Prayagraj. Where the whole planning of the murder of Prayagraj’s famous Umesh Pal took place in Bareilly Central Jail, Bareilly police has arrested Pilibhit jail constable Manoj Kumar in this case.

So far 5 people, including two constables, have been arrested for illegally mixing in the jail. Constable Manoj Gaur used to work for Ashraf while staying in jail.

Jail constable Manoj Kumar was transferred from Bareilly Central Jail to Pilibhit Jail only 3 months back.

Please tell that on February 11, the shooter met Ashraf in Bareilly jail, on February 24, he was murdered in Prayagraj. Ashraf, who is in jail, is the brother of Mafia Atiq.

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