UP: Yogi government’s big announcement, beauty products and these items will be available at ration shops….


Up: The Uttar Pradesh government has taken an important decision to increase the income of the shopkeepers of the shops operated under the public distribution system, the government has allowed the sale of additional items, which include bakery products, household items, beauty and baby care products. . The government has issued an order in this regard. The Food and Logistics Commissioner has been instructed to take necessary action in this regard. It has also been asked to ensure that these items are manufactured as per FSSAI standards. These commodities will be sold only at fair price shops which are established on main roads where heavy vehicles can move smoothly.

Committee will be formed (Up)
For this, a committee will be constituted at the level of Food Commissioner, in which one member will be from the Food Safety and Drug Administration. This committee will be authorized to increase or decrease the number of permissible items while reviewing them from time to time.

According to the order, in addition to wheat, rice, pulses, flour, sugar, edible oil, kerosene, coarse grains, salt, public utility everyday items and health protection items like soap, shampoo, tea, pen, copy in fair price shops. Permission was given in the year 2019 to sell ORS tablets and solution, prevention, sanitary napkins etc. Under this mandate, now some more items have also been included in it.

These items include milk and packaged milk products, biscuits, bread, jaggery, ghee, namkeen, dry fruits, sweets, spices, milk powder, children’s clothing (hosiery), Rajma, beauty cosmetics, soyabean, cream, incense sticks, Comb, Mirror, Broom, Mop, Lock, Umbrella, Raincoat, Wall Hanger, Toothbrush, Detergent Powder, Anti Mosquito Incense Sticks, Dish Washing Bar, Electrical Accessories, Torch, Wall Clock, Matchbox, Nylon & Jute Rope, plastic water pipeplastic buckets, mugs, strainers, handwash, bathroom cleaners, shaving kits, baby care products (diapers, soaps, oils, wipes, body lotions), etc.

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