Update : Now Book LPG Gas Cylinder in minutes through WhatsApp , Very easy steps


Booking of LPG Gas Cylinder through WhatsApp
LPG Gas Cylinder ‌Booking: Usually people use phones to book LPG cylinders. Sometimes network problem, sometimes gas agency’s phone is busy. You must be facing this problem too. You have to take many precautions in booking through IVR call also. But, today we are telling you about such a technique, by which you will be able to book LPG cylinder in minutes.

You are a customer of HP Gas, Bharat Gas or Indane Gas. All customers will be able to book gas cylinders with this technology even when there is no balance in their phone. Yes, even if you do not have enough money in your phone to make a call, you will still be able to book your gas. With the help of micro messaging site WhatsApp.

You can book gas using WhatsApp. For this you have to do an important thing. You have to register your phone number with the gas agency or say gas company. If the number is not registered, then you will not be able to take advantage of this facility. That is, you will not be able to book gas through WhatsApp.

Come, now let us tell you how you can book your gas cylinder with the help of WhatsApp in a few seconds. Will also tell you about the phone number required for booking.

HP customers book cylinders like this

The phone number for Hindustan Petroleum customers is 9222201122. First of all you save this number in your mobile phone. After that open your WhatsApp. Now open that number. As soon as the number opens, write a book in English on it and send it. As soon as you send the message by writing the book, you will get the complete details of the order on WhatsApp. It will also be written on the day on which the delivery of your cylinder will take place.


Indane customers book cylinders like this

If you are an Indane customer, then you have to save the number 7588888824. You save this number (7588888824) in your mobile. After that go to WhatsApp. Open Indane’s number and send the message by typing BOOK or REFILL# from your registered mobile number. As soon as you press the send button by typing REFILL#, your cylinder will be booked. Within a few minutes a message will come on your WhatsApp that your booking has been done. You will also get complete details.

Bharat Gas customers book cylinders like this

Now talk about the customers of Bharat Gas. Booking Bharat Gas is not as easy as Indane or HP. For this you have to do one step more. But, that too for the first time. That is, to register. First of all you have to save petroleum smart line number 1800224344 in your registered mobile. After saving the number, open WhatsApp. Now go to the number which you have just saved.

Send here by typing Hi, Hello. As soon as you send the message, you will be welcomed by the agency. That is, you will get a welcome message from the agency. This means that you can book the cylinder anytime. For this, you have to send it on your WhatsApp like HP and Indane only by writing Book. As soon as you send the book by writing, your order will be completed. Full details will also be sent to you on WhatsApp.


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