UPI Down: Google Pay, Phone Pay suddenly stopped; People got upset in the enthusiasm of new year, expressed their anger on soci


UPI Transaction Issue: New Year is just a few minutes away. Many people are in the mood for celebration. In such a situation, news has come to spoil the mood of the people. Unified Payment Interface i.e. UPI app has been down in the whole country. This allows users new year Facing difficulties in making payment on eve. After the UPI down, many users have started complaining on Twitter. Many people are upset due to UPI being down. In this, many netizens are expressing their anger by tweeting on Twitter.

Due to the UPI down, many people who are in a festive mood are also facing difficulties in making payments through Paytm, PhonePe and Google Pay. People are giving information about this by tweeting on Twitter.

UPI is a real-time payment system. More than 60 percent of retail transactions in India depend on this service. Small payments can also be made instantly with the help of this service. Currently most of the transactions through UPI are of low value. 75 per cent of UPI payments in the country involve transactions of less than Rs 100.

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