US is giving this Weapon to Taiwan , China is very angry , Read Now

China wants to capture Taiwan with its expansionist policies. With this, they have started pressuring Taiwan. At the same time, it is also demonstrating his military strength on the Taiwan border. The US is helping Taiwan to end this expansionary policy of China. According to a recent report, the US is going to give such a weapon to Taiwan. So that China can be piled up in minutes. These weapons will make the Taiwan Army very strong.

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US is giving this Weapon to Taiwan , China is very angry , Read Now

the US has approved a deal of 1 billion dollars on these weapons. Very soon Taiwan will start getting deadly US weapons. According to the news, under this deal, the US will give Taiwan advanced sensors for F-16 fighter jets, supersonic low altitude missiles and hammers rockets to destroy enemy warships at sea. These weapons may force the Taiwanese army to take over China. Let us tell you that America has already given many deadly weapons to Taiwan. Last year itself, the US had signed a deal to deliver 66 F-16 fighter aircraft to Taiwan. All these weapons have begun to join the Taiwan Army. Due to which the dragon is very angry.

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