Vastu : If Your Money don’t Stay with you for long time , Know reason here


Vastu : It is often seen that many people fail to save money even after hard work and good earning and never have money in their pocket. This is due to their nature as well as Vastu status. Yes, there are many reasons and remedies mentioned in Vastu which explain why money does not stick in your pocket. So let’s know about it ….

1. If you want to never face any kind of trouble in your life, then never keep dustbin, broom, washing machine and mixer grinder in the kitchen. According to Vastu, keeping these things in the kitchen spoils the Vastu of the house. By doing this, you will lose all the chances of success in life.

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2. If you and your family have been facing financial difficulties for a long time, then place a heavy metal item in the South West corner of the house. By doing this you will get new opportunities to get money.

3. Blue color can bring a wave of happiness in your home. In the North Zone of the house, use blue in some way. Do not use red paint in any corner of the house. Doing so will prove inauspicious for you.

4. Always keep the number of doors in the house in positive number i.e. 2,4,6 or 8 etc. With 3 or 7 doors, the financial condition of the house will never recover. Also get all the broken doors of the house repaired as soon as possible.


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