Vegetable soup for weight loss: Drink this vegetable soup to lose weight, obesity will melt like butter


Vegetable soup for weight loss: Drink this herbal soup to lose weight-

cabbage soup –

Cabbage soup is very beneficial for health. To make it, take some oil in a pan. Put onion, green chili and chopped cauliflower in that oil and fry it lightly. After that add some water and let everything boil for a few minutes. When the soup comes to a boil, add salt and pepper and switch off the gas. , Now after the soup cools down, grind it in a mixer with light hands. Now serve this soup by adding coriander. Let us tell you that drinking cabbage soup strengthens the digestive system and also reduces body fat.

beetroot soup-

Beet soup is very beneficial for health. By drinking this, the amount of hemoglobin in the body increases and the weakness of the body is removed. To make beetroot soup, put some oil in the cooker, after the oil is hot, add onion, tomato and beetroot and fry it lightly. Then put two lids of water and now blow a whistle in them. After the mixture cools down, mix it gently with a masher. Now put it in a pan and mix it by adding salt and pepper as per taste. Now consume it.

Jaggery Soup-

Bottle gourd soup is very tasty to drink. To make it, put oil in a pan and fry onions and tomatoes. Then add finely chopped jaggery and mix, add water, let it boil for a while, add salt and pepper. Now blend this soup when it cools down. Add lemon juice to it and serve jaggery soup.

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