Venus-Mars conjunction 2023: These 4 zodiac signs will be lucky


According to Vedic astrology, when a planet changes its zodiac sign, its effect is clearly visible on all the zodiac signs. Its effect is auspicious for some zodiac signs and inauspicious for some zodiac signs. The last transit of this month will happen on the night of 30th May. On this day Venus is going to transit in Cancer. This transit will take place in Cancer sign at 7.39 pm.

Venus will enter this sign on May 30 and will remain in this sign till July 7. It will bring good luck to many zodiac signs due to the conjunction of Mars and Venus at this time. After all, which zodiac sign’s natives will be benefited the most at this time, let us know.


Conjunction of Venus and Mars At this time everything will be good for Aries. Aries people should take special care of family facilities. Not only this, but some things have to be bought for the house as well. Still, unmarried people are likely to get married. You can get back the money which you have not received for a long time. During this you will not have any kind of stress. There are full possibilities of economic benefits.


Due to the combination of Venus and Mars, the economic condition of this zodiac will be good. Family happiness of a person increases. New avenues of career advancement open up. If you are preparing for competitive exams, then you can get success during this time. Increase in income improves your lifestyle.

Cancer zodiac sign

The conjunction of Venus and Mars will bring favorable results for Cancerians. During this, many auspicious events will happen in your life. Not only this, your relationship with your loved ones will also improve. Relations with the spouse will be good. Your relations with senior officials at the workplace will be stronger. Your financial condition will improve in future.


The conjunction of Venus and Mars is especially auspicious and fruitful for the people of Virgo. This amount will bring economic progress. The search for single girl/boy will be completed soon. Not only this, brothers and sisters will get help in difficult times.

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