Very Shocking ! Only these countries have hydrogen bombs in the world


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At present, hydrogen bomb is considered to be the most dangerous bomb in the world. The strength of this bomb is such that it can destroy the human race in a moment. Let us tell you that in 1952 America first tested hydrogen bomb. After which Britain too joined the competition to test this bomb. Hydrogen bombs are also called thermonuclear bombs or H-bombs, according to a report issued by an American think tank. At present, only the US, UK, China, France, Russia, India, North Korea and Israel have hydrogen bombs.

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Very Shocking ! Only these countries have hydrogen bomb in the world

According to the information received, the first test of hydrogen bomb was done in 1952. At the same time, India did hydrogen bomb test in 1998. The first hydrogen bomb was tested by the US on Marshall Island, causing the end of all forms of life in the island and the surrounding area. These bombs are many times more powerful than nuclear bombs.


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