Very Shocking !! These 5 big scams made India poor , Know here


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There was a time when the whole world used to call India a golden bird. But slowly, many invaders looted this country. The British ruled here for 200 years. But even after independence, there are many such scams in India. Due to which our India became poor. Today we will try to learn in detail about this subject.

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1 .2G spectrum scam:

Very Shocking !! These 5 big scams made India poor , Know here

According to the information found, 2G spectrum scam is probably the biggest scam in the history of the country. The 2G spectrum scam is reported to be worth 1 lakh 76 thousand crore. This scandal broke the back of the country. This scandal was so widespread that even leaders, ministers, officers, industrialists, etc. were involved in it.

2. Koyla scam:


If we consider a report, it was a scam of 1 lakh 86 thousand crore rupees. This scandal has also caused a lot of damage to the country’s economic condition.

3. Fodder Scam:

Fodder Scam was the third largest scam in the country. According to the report of the fodder scam, the animal husbandry department had embezzled Rs 950 crore and was allocated huge sums of money for fodder, treatment, medicines in the name of animals which were never there.

Very Shocking !! These 5 big scams made India poor , Know here

4. Bofors Scam:

This scandal shook the politics of the country. Let me tell you that in this 40 million dollar scam, the name of Rajiv Gandhi, who was the PM during that time also came. However, Italy’s middleman Ottavio Quattrocchi was the main accused in the scam.

5. Commonwealth Games Scam:

The total amount of the Commonwealth Games scam is said to be around 70 thousand crores. In this scam, the chairman of the Committee of Commonwealth Games was arrested and held responsible.


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