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Mumbai: After Telugu film industry actress Pranitha Prakash, Bollywood’s first single actor Akshay Kumar has not only contributed to the grand Ram temple being built in Ayodhya, but is also appealing to all the people of the country to grow. One should contribute to build the temple with as much strength as possible.

Actor Akshay Kumar, sharing a video through his tweet on Monday, told this to the nation and appealed that Maryada Purushottam should contribute in building the temple of Lord Ram. Akshay is saying in the video that today I have made a small contribution in the construction of Ram Setu.

The construction of our Shri Rama temple has started in Ayodhya, some monkeys should be made some squirrels and they should be partners in building the temple according to their own camouflage. I start myself I am sure you will join me too. This magnificent temple will continue to inspire the life message of Maryada Purushottam Ram.


Akshay started the video saying that last night I was narrating a story to my daughter. you will hear? On one side there was an army of monkeys and on the other side was Lanka and between them the ocean monkey army was picking up a big stone and putting it in the sea.

Ram Sethu was to be built and brought back to Sita Maiya. Lord Shree Rama was watching everything standing on the shore. Then he saw a squirrel go into the water, then come to the shore, roll in the sand, then run towards the stones of Ram Sethu.

Then Ram goes into water, then on sand, then on stones, Ram ji wonders what is happening. He went to the squirrel and asked him what you were doing. The squirrel replied that I wet my body. I wrap sand on it and fill the cracks between the stones. I am also making a small contribution in the construction of Ram Sethu.

It is worth noting that before Akshay, Telugu actress Pranitha Prakash not only contributed one lakh rupees for the Ram temple but also shared the video and appealed to everyone to contribute towards the construction of the grand Ram temple. Pranitha tweeted that I pledge to give 1 lakh. I request you all to participate in this historic moment.

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