Viral news, the government officer of Chhattisgarh took water out of the pump, three days ago his phone fell into the reservoir.


In the rural areas of Chhattisgarh’s Bastar division, on the one hand, where there is a shortage of water in the scorching heat, on the other hand, due to lack of drinking water, hundreds of villagers are forced to drink water from springs. At the same time, a government official has wasted 20 lakh liters of pond water to find his mobile worth Rs 1.5 lakh. The case pertains to Pakhanjur in Kanker district of Chhattisgarh, where the expensive mobile phone of the food inspector posted in the Fertilizer Department fell into a pond named Paralkot, for which he ordered a diesel pump from the employees of his ration shop and spent around Rs.20. Empty lakh liters of water to find it.

Though the mobile phone of the officer was found, it is not working now. At the same time, the department is not taking any action against the officer who wasted lakhs of liters of water in the scorching heat. According to the information, one and a half thousand acres of land could be irrigated with 20 lakh liters of water, but lakhs of liters of water was wasted due to the action of the Food Officer. The officials of the department have also kept silence on this action of the food officer.

Food officers had arrived for a picnic with friends

According to the information, the villagers of Pearlkot village of Pakhanjur told that 5 days ago, Rajesh Biswas, who was posted as food inspector of Pakhanjur Fertilizer Department, had come with his friends to celebrate a picnic near Pearlkot pond. Meanwhile, his mobile phone fell in the pond, to find which he has poured 20 lakh liters of water in this scorching heat. Let us tell you that the mobile phone of the food inspector has been found but now it is not working, now the thing to be seen is whether the food department will take action against the inspector Rajesh Vishwas or not.

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