Viral : Spider-Man created a lot of ruckus in the supermarket , Know the whole matter


In the movies, Spider-Man saves people’s lives, but in London, a Spider-Man becomes an enemy of people’s lives. This Spider-Man created a lot of panic in a supermarket and also threatened people. Due to this drama that lasted for some time, the people present in the store were shocked. However, the actions of this Spider-Man have been caught on camera and now the police are looking for him.

Spider-Man climbs onto the cabinet

According to the Mirror report, there is also a video of the incident on YouTube, which shows a man in a Spider-Man costume creating a ruckus in the supermarket. This person on the frozen food cabinet is in the position of karate and is challenging the people. For a long time, the accused kept threatening the people present in the store like this and then left from there.


Drama to get Likes


Police say that this incident of 24 July may be related to the recent incident in South London. In which some people fought wearing superhero costumes, so that their video could be a hit on Tiktok. At least six people, including a woman, were injured in the incident. The police feel that the same group may have carried out this incident as well.

Woman was kicked

Last week, some people suddenly broke into a supermarket in Clapham, south London. All of them were wearing the costumes of superheroes. During this, the person who became Spider-Man created a lot of uproar. He also kicked a female employee. After creating a ruckus for some time, all fled from the spot. Police is investigating both the incidents on the basis of CCTV footage.


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