Viral Video: Even the flood in the village could not stop this wedding, the groom arrived with the wedding procession like this, watch the video

Viral Video: As soon as the wedding season arrives, we get to see different types of processions. Sometimes the bride herself goes to the groom's house with the procession sitting on a horse, and sometimes the groom goes to pick up his life partner sitting in a bulldozer. Meanwhile, once again a similar video is going viral on social media. You will also be surprised to see this video.

The bride was sitting all dressed up in the wedding pavilion, suddenly the young man filled her maang, then know what the groom did…

Actually, the video of the groom going on a boat in Siddharth Nagar district is becoming very viral on social media. The viral video is of Khairi Sheetal Prasad village of Shohratgarh assembly constituency. These days there is a flood in Siddharth Nagar district and Khairi Sheetal village has become an island. In such a situation, the only means of transportation to go to the pre-scheduled wedding of Ravindra son of Ramdin was a boat.

So obviously Ravindra from Khairi Sheetal village, dressed as a groom, reached the road by covering a distance of about 2 km by boat along with special baraatis. After this, his baraat left for Bansi town of Siddharthnagar district from there. However, the bride's farewell has not taken place yet due to the flood. But the wedding took place on its scheduled date.

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