Viral Video: Hard Spot Pain! Joking with girlfriend had to be expensive, this happened…


Girlfriend Boyfriend Viral Video: social media viral video Khan is there. Many movie scenes, many CCTV videos, many live videos are going viral on netizens. Some videos are such that they make everyone laugh (Funny Video). It can be seen that home video trend is happening at this time. Similarly, a video of girlfriend and boyfriend is going viral at the moment.

Often pranking someone else (prank video) can be costly. The mischievous does his own harm. A video revealing his identity is currently going viral. This video seems to be related to boyfriend and girlfriend (Girlfriend Boyfriend Viral Video). Who doesn’t like to annoy their girlfriend! Many lovers try to prank their partner. (Boyfriend’s prank with girlfriend went wrong, then watch what happened in the viral video)

At this time one such wonderful video is in discussion. In this video, a boyfriend is seen planning to scare his girlfriend. However, the whole program backfires. The lover is standing with the black jacket turned upside down. Only then the girlfriend comes from the front.

Meanwhile the girlfriend is in a mood for fun. So she hits the ball to the friend standing opposite. Then the ball hits the wrong place and the ball falls on the friend’s bed. At that time the girlfriend realizes her mistake and feels bad too. Although netizens have liked this video a lot. It can be seen that many people have given a wonderful reaction to this.

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