Viral Video: Pigeon did a beautiful dance on the tune of guitar, you will be surprised to see the video


New Delhi: A very cute and funny video is going viral on social media, after watching which you will not be able to stop laughing. You too will be surprised. In this video, a pigeon has done a heart-wrenching dance on the tune of the guitar. Users are praising the pigeon on social media.

It can be seen in this video that a man is entertaining people by playing guitar on the road. In return, some people are giving money to that person. This is the trend abroad. This is especially seen in European countries. The person is standing in a street. He has a guitar in his hand. After rehearsing for a while, he starts playing the guitar. While commuting, people are entertaining themselves by listening to guitar tunes. Some people are taking money out of their pocket and giving it to that person.

There is a big tree in this street. A pigeon is sitting on that tree. He is also entertaining himself by listening to the man playing the guitar. Then the rapper’s song plays in the background. Hearing this, the feet of the pigeon started trembling. As if his body was on fire. Hearing the tune of the guitar, the pigeon starts dancing on the branch of the tree. However, he is not happy.

Then he thinks in his mind that street dancing is a different kind of fun. No one is watching here. Thinking this, he flies towards the guitar player and starts dancing.

Only then people’s eyes fall on the pigeon, who is doing a very beautiful dance. Seeing this, a large number of people gathered. Everyone starts watching the dance of the pigeon. This increases the morale of the pigeon. Then he gets drunk and starts dancing. The video is heart touching.

This video has been shared on social media Twitter by a user named Fun Viral Videos. Till the time of writing the video, the video has been viewed more than 28 thousand times. Also, this video has been liked by 2 thousand people.

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