Viral video: The bride made a reel while sitting on the bonnet of a moving car, the video went viral, the police imposed a fine


A bride’s video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. On which people are giving a lot of reaction. It can be seen in this video that a bride is making a reel while sitting on the bonnet of a moving car. A song from the film ‘Vivah’ is playing in the video. While all the people passing by are looking at the bride. A cameraman is also seen recording in front of the car.

According to reports, this video is from Prayagraj. Taking action in this matter, the police imposed a fine of Rs 15,500 on the girl. Apart from this, another video of the bride also went viral. In which she is seen driving a scooty without a helmet. In this case, a fine of Rs 1500 has been imposed on him.

When the police started investigating the matter, it was found that the girl’s name is Varnika Chowdhary. He first made a reel sitting on the bonnet of a car. Then in another video a reel was made on the scooty without a helmet.

He also posted the video on social media. Commenting on the video, some people are supporting the girl while some are against it. A user has said, ‘Why this government has to impose so much fine on people’s issues.’ Another user joked that ‘the girl is not making a reel’. The girl is promoting the parlor and the car was hers which she was promoting. Also some people have opposed it. One user said, ‘This is the wrong way. Why was this done on a busy road? Another user said, ‘Nowadays marriages are less and technical fest and event management seems more.

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