Viral video: ‘What should I do Ram, I have got Buddha…’, the wife got angry after seeing the old groom; Told…


viral video: Marriage is the most beautiful dream of every girl’s life. But there are many girls for whom this becomes the biggest punishment of their life. Many parents face poverty. Can’t give dowry. With this the girl would be found by someone and the burden on her head would be lightened. This is often seen. In such a situation, the parents fix the marriage of the girls without their consent. Some are forced into marriage. Many girls are unable to raise their voice against this injustice. However, a video creating awareness about this is currently going viral on social media. Media But going viral. in which bride openly old groom (Wedding video) is denying daughter’s marriage with.

The viral video seems to be of a wedding ceremony. Where a groom is sitting on the wedding stage and the bride is seen next to him in a red wedding saree. According to the video, the bride got angry after seeing the elderly groom on the stage and refused to marry. The relatives tried to pacify him. He asked me to marry him but the girl was not ready to accept and said – what will I get by marrying him? After a few years he will die and my life will be ruined. Despite pleading a lot in the video, no one could convince the bride and she remained adamant on her decision.

Here is the video…

We can’t claim whether this video is original or fake. But according to some users this is a drama company. Who from time to time make such videos of all the misdeeds related to marriage which go viral on social media. That is, often girls from poor families are sent with a boy. Often the parents take the dowry of the girl and marry her to a boy older than her. It is being said that this video has been made to create awareness about such things. Everyone likes the voice raised by this girl child against injustice.

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