Weather Update: Weather has changed in UP, there will be rain in many states including Delhi-NCR, know today’s weather

Weather Update: Monsoon rain has brought smiles on people’s faces. At the same time, rain has made life difficult in some states. Now monsoon is becoming a disaster. Monsoon has become fully active across the country. Yesterday, after 2 pm, it rained in some areas of Delhi-NCR. The weather has become pleasant due to the rain for the last two days. If we look at the weather of UP-Bihar, there is also intermittent monsoon rain there. At the same time, lightning took the life of a young man in Patna district of Bihar. Due to excessive rain in some districts of Bihar, the danger of flood has started looming. Let us know how the weather is going to be across the country tomorrow on July 11?

  • There will be heavy rain in Delhi
  • Today’s temperature (degrees Celsius)
  • The mood of the weather will change in many states

How will the weather be in Delhi today?

Monsoon has arrived in Delhi at the end of the last few months, but it was not raining here every day. Delhiites are very happy with the daily rain for the last two days and they are also getting relief from the heat. According to the Meteorological Department, today i.e. on July 11, the sky of Delhi will be surrounded by clouds. Moderate rain can also occur. The maximum temperature can be 36 degrees and the minimum temperature can be 28 degrees Celsius. However, good rain is expected in Delhi on July 12. According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature will also drop on July 12 and there can also be good heavy rain from the sky.

Today’s temperature (degrees Celsius)

Delhi – 28 -36
Noida -27- 36
Ghaziabad – 27 -34
Patna – 28- 32
Lucknow -27- 34
Jaipur -27 -36
Bhopal -25- 32
Mumbai -27 -32
Ahmedabad -27- 35
Jammu – 25 -36

Change in weather in UP

There is humidity in Delhi which has now reached the neighboring state of UP. After heavy rains for the last few days, the weather has suddenly changed in Uttar Pradesh. According to the Meteorological Department, humidity has increased after the rain in many cities. However, rain will still continue in eastern and western Uttar Pradesh. According to the IMD, there is a possibility of rain in Uttar Pradesh for the next five days. Let us tell you that an update of rain has also been released in Lucknow yesterday.

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