These 5 weird people I bet you never have known them before


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We all know this world s full of different types of people an thats why you can see many varieties , so today we are here will tel you the most weird people of the world

1) Sajjad Poverty – Sajjad Poverty is a person living in Iran and also known as Persian Hulk. The Hulk, which is shown in the film of Sajjad Marvel Studios, is always compared. Sajjad weighs 175 kilograms and has more than 100,000 fallows in their Instagram and their fencing is often spoken to go to WWE, but he has joined the army of Iran listening to his heart.

2) Tom Stoneyford – You can see Tom’s picture, it is a type of disease called MDP, 8% of people in the world suffer from this disease. In this disease, the whole body fat is over and the bones of the body are visible, the person becomes completely thin. Tom was not like this from childhood, he had a disease at the age of 12 but he still did not give up and followed his passion and won the British Cycling Championship in 2011 to prove that he is no less than anyone. Tom’s girlfriend is also treating them like other people.


3) Amu – Amu is considered to be the most dirty person in the world because it is not bathing for 65 years and is very much afraid of water. Amu likes to drink cigar too much and she drinks cigars sitting throughout the day, she can eat anything in the food, even eat the flesh of the dead animal and sleep in a pit in the cemetery so that He did not feel cold, his skin was so thick that he started to burst. His name is also in the Guinness Book of World Records and he is a person in the world who has not bathed for 65 years.

4) Mustafa – In the cartoon you must have seen the character of Popeye, as well as the live waking character is also present on Earth, whose name is Mustafa, whose body looks very poppy and people also know them as Real Popeye. Their name is also in Guinness Book of World Records. His biceps are 31 inches, people say that Mustafa has cooked his biceps steroids but in an interview he said that his biceps are natural and he has not consumed steroids.

5) Francisco Domingo – Francisco is a very interesting person and they have a different ability. They can open their mouth so much that they can open a cold drink can they can open their mouths up to 6.69 inches and their name is Guinness Book It is also recorded in the off-record world that it belongs to Angola.


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