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Regeneration of organs: With the force of science and technology, scientists are seen not only on earth but also in space. Scientists from all over the world are doing research on different things. Many new discoveries will be made in the coming times. Different types of research are going on on the human body and even on animals. Various types of animals exist in the world. Each has its own unique features and abilities. There are some animals that can regrow their amputated limbs. In scientific language it is called regeneration of organs. Reindeer can regrow their broken antlers and deer can also regrow a broken tail. But humans do not have that ability.

Can amputated human hands and feet grow again?

Have you ever wondered whether humans also have the ability to regrow amputated limbs? Have you ever wondered if a person can regrow their amputated arms and legs? For the time being the answer is ‘no’. But this may also be possible in the future. Yes, scientists say that humans can develop such an ability. Man is only one step away from achieving it.

Scientists want to do ‘this’ experiment

Scientists are eager to experiment with re-growth of human organs. Scientists want to try to develop the ability to grow the cells that develop hands and feet in the human body. Blastema cells are found in the body of deer to regenerate its antlers. Using this, scientists want to develop such capabilities in the human body as well. Scientists want to do this regeneration experiment on human body also.

experiments on rats were successful

According to a report published in the journal Science, the experiment on regeneration rats has been successful. Scientists at Northwestern Polytechnic University in Xi’an, China, have conducted this successful regeneration experiment. Surprisingly, the scientists injected blastema progenitor cells found in the body of the deer into the body of the mouse. After 45 days a horn-like shape appeared on the head of the rat.

How will this technology work on the human body?

Scientists have studied deer antlers and the cells they require in great detail. Scientists have understood the process of re-growth of the organ after studying it for a year, it has been said in this study. Scientists working on regeneration are of the opinion that through this research efforts can be made to recreate human organs like animals. According to researchers, regeneration is possible in the human body. When blastema cells enter the human body, these cells can act to regenerate our bones and cartilage.

Why were only deer included in the study?

Self-renewing cells, ie cells that regenerate, are found in many mammals. Rats also have these types of cells, but deer are the only animal that makes good use of these cells. The study found that blastema cells are immediately activated as soon as deer antlers begin to shed. Once the horn has completely fallen off, the process of forming a new horn begins. That’s why deer were used in the research.


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