What happens to our soul after premature death, know its hidden secret


Death is the ultimate truth of the life of living beings. The one who has come to this world will also go back from here and death will come to everyone. No one has been able to escape from this till date and will not be able to escape. Everyone’s death is certain one day or the other. Everyone knows that death is going to come, but no one knows when and how death will come. Some person leaves this world with joy, while some person leaves this world very sad. So right there the most terrible death is considered premature death. Death due to suicide, serious illness or an accident is called premature death.

Secrets related to untimely death are given in Garuda Purana
Let us tell you that many secrets related to premature death have been told in Garuda Purana. It has been said in Garuda Purana that the cause of premature death is sin, misconduct, exploitation of women, lying, corruption and misdeeds etc. A person who commits a lot of sins also gets premature death.
what is the secret of soul wandering

It is said in Garuda Purana that the wandering of the soul depends on its desires. If the soul does not accept death, it keeps on wandering. The fate of such souls is also very bad. Sometimes she becomes a slave of some evil tantrik and sometimes of other powerful spirits. In such a situation, they are made to do bad deeds, and such souls cannot return to the path of liberation.

But if a good seeker gets them freed, then definitely after taking birth in many births, they become free to get freedom from the bondage of birth and death through their deeds. That’s why it is said, give up your desires while alive, so that this soul accepts death. Otherwise, whether the death is timely or untimely, the soul will definitely go astray, and it will have to face all the troubles mentioned above.

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