What is Kuttu flour? How its made ? Know why we eat it in fast , Read

Kuttu flour is eaten the most in the fast. From this flour, fasting breads, parathas, pakodas, cheela are made, but do you know why kuttu flour is eaten in the fast and from whom it is made? it is not a  grain, it is eaten in the fast, this flour kuttu is called Buckwheat in English, but it has no relation with any kind of grains because wheat, grains and grasses are the plant of the species.

What is Kuttu flour? How its made ? Know why we eat it in fast , Read

While the Latin name of the Kuttus buckwheat is Phagopirum escalulent and it is a plant of the Polygonaceae family. The fruit obtained from the buckwheat plant is triangular in shape. The flour which is prepared by grinding is called buckwheat. Buckwheat plant is not very big. It contains flowers and fruits in bunches.

It is grown in very few places in India.

It is grown in parts of the Himalayas such as Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal, Uttarakhand and Nilgiris in the south while in the North East states. In India, it is used only in things eaten during the fast.

Nutrition-rich Kuttu flour

Kuttu flour is rich in protein, it is rich in magnesium, vitamin-B, iron, calcium, folate, zinc, copper, manganese and phosphorus. It also contains phytonutrient routine which reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. Those suffering from celiac disease are also advised to eat it.

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