What is the meaning of ancestors asking for food in a dream? What signal do they want to give?

After God, the first person we should worship is our ancestors. It is said that if our ancestors are happy with us, then no power in the world can harm us. And if they become angry with us, then there is no happiness in the world that we can get. Of course, we cannot see them, but they are always with us, sometimes they even give us signs of many things.

Now you will ask how, there are many ways of doing this like- some work getting stopped repeatedly, turmoil in the mind before doing any work and one of them is seeing them in the dream. Asking for food from ancestors in dreams can be an important sign. So let us know what things it indicates:

Satisfaction of ancestors:

Your ancestors or ancestral spirits are not happy with you or have not received satisfaction. This could be a sign that you should do something special for them, such as Shraddha, Tarpan, or Pinddaan.

Religious duties:

This dream may remind you that you are not performing your religious and family duties properly. It may be a sign that you should show more reverence and respect to your ancestors.

Unfulfilled desires:

Sometimes it can be a sign that your ancestors have some unfulfilled wishes that need to be fulfilled. It can be a sign that you should do a particular task in their name.

Pitra Dosha:

This dream can be an indication of Pitra Dosh, which is considered a dosha in astrology and can be resolved by performing puja, havan etc.

Keeping these signs in mind, you can perform some religious acts to show respect to your ancestors, such as:

  1. Performing Shraadh and Tarpan
  2. Consult a Pandit and get the appropriate Puja done
  3. Donating food to the poor and needy
  4. Performing religious rites and rituals in the name of one’s ancestors
  5. With these measures, the souls of your ancestors can be satisfied and happiness and peace can come into your life.

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