What is Virat Kohli 7 best Fitness secret?, Know how you can include them in your diet plan


By the way, in the world of sports, players keep paying great attention to their fitness. But whenever it comes to the fitness of any player of cricket, the name of Virat Kohli comes first. Virat’s fans are convinced of his style and fitness. That’s why he has a lot of fan following on Instagram. Along with his game, Virat is also very alert about his fitness. Everyone wants to know Virat’s diet plan and fitness workout, so today we are going to tell you the fitness secret of Virat Kohli-

Virat Kohli has told about including 7 things in his diet, due to which he remains fit and energetic even at this age. He includes two cups of coffee, lentils, quinoa, spinach in large quantities, many vegetables, eggs, and dosa, etc. in his diet. Apart from this, Kohli keeps almonds, protein, and favorite Chinese food in his diet.


Often Virat’s fans must have seen him sweating hard in the gym. Virat exercises for hours in gin every day. Also, when he gets time, he is fond of playing any sport at home too. Even in the time of lockdown, Virat has been seen playing cricket with his wife Anushka Sharma in his house. Apart from this, Virat Kohli is often seen sharing pictures of his six-pack abs on his Instagram. At times, Virat has also been seen doing gym with his wife actress Anushka Sharma. Both are very conscious about their fitness and keep sharing photos of their workouts on social media.


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