What kind of self defense is this? Warned on showing punch, shot him if he did not agree VIDEO | Man Warned And Then Fired Bul


Twitter Viral Video: There is no confirmation of where this video is from. But after watching the viral clip, people are asking what kind of self-defense is this? The video has been viewed about 40 lakh times so far.

What kind of self defense is this? Warned on showing punch, shot if he did not agree

Image Credit source: Twitter/@InformedPost

Shocking Viral Video: A man shot another man just because he was trying to punch him. Earlier, the person gave a warning to the person. But when he did not agree, the person Gun Took it out and fired at it. This shocking incident took place nearby cctv I got imprisoned. Now its footage is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Seeing this clip of a few seconds, people are asking what kind of self defense Is?

You must have often seen that those who are in danger of their lives from others, they obtain a gun license from the administration for self-defense. But that doesn’t mean you can use it on everyone. There are different laws regarding this in different countries of the world. At present, people are stunned to see the video that has surfaced on social media. It can be seen in the viral clip that one person is pointing a gun at the other. He warns the person in front to back off. But when the person tries to kill him by punching him, he immediately shoots him.

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However, it has not been confirmed from which country this video belongs. But people are stunned after seeing the viral clip. People are asking what kind of self defense is this. The 32-second clip, shared on Twitter by the handle @InformedPost, has been viewed over 3.9 million times, while hundreds of people have commented and shared it.

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A user says, I do not think that this bandh will be saved from going to jail. Whereas, another user has asked, what kind of self-defense is this? Another user has written while commenting, he did not even get time to escape. Overall, this video has surprised people.

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