What will happen when you forget your car key inside the car, get it back in these ways


Many times it happens that the key of our car remains inside the car itself. Whether it is or not, it must have happened to everyone at one time or the other. This small problem becomes big when we do not have another key. So instead of panicking in such a situation, you need to follow these tips of ours.

Use of shoe laces: You can open the locking system with knobs on the windows using your shoelaces. You have to make a round shaped knot from the middle of the shoelace and you have to hold each part with both the hands. Then straighten the lace, keeping both the parts outside, put the middle part of it on the side of the car door and get stuck in the lock. After this, you have to pull the lace with both hands and hold it tight and pull it towards you. This will open the tax door very quickly.

will help you by calling: Nowadays you also get the feature of Keyless in many advanced feature cars. With the help of this feature, you can open the car door without the key remaining inside the car. For this, you have to take your mobile near the second key of the car and then press the unlock button of the key. This will also open the car door quickly.

Hanger can also be used: You can also open the car door with the help of a wire hanger. For this, read quickly what you have to do, first of all you have to make such a hook with the help of hanger which you can take inside the car window with a rubber strip. After this you have to reach the locking system with the help of that hook and open it. With a little effort, you can also open the car gate in this way.

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