What’s Your Birth Month tells about your personality , Know here


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Why does your birth month Influence you? – Throughout the year women get different amounts of solar light. Why does it mater well scientists form Budapest think that a lack of solar light may influence a child’s development in the mother’s womb.

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Surprisingly, the birth month also affects the level of happiness and good mood hormones. Together with that researchers at Alicante University in Spain even defined the connection between the birth month of a person and disposition to 27 chronic diseases and conditions. Now, we’ll have look at the months.

What's Your Birth Month tells about your personality , Know here

1) January –

Those who are born in winter are less short-tempered and choleric than those who ere born in others seasons. It must be true. They need all the energy to keep warm not to spend it on unnecessary emotions. However, you don’t get much sun during this time of year. That’s why people born in the winter are disposed to suppress mood and depression. People born in January may become collectors, specialists, debt collection and Realtors.

2) February –

People born in February are famous for their honesty, so if you don’t want to heart the truth about your new haircut don’t ask them. They are also considered to be mysterious and quite their credo is the less you say the better. People born in February may become artist or performers.

3) March –

These individuals are always in good mood. Those who have birthdays in March, April, and May more often become cheerful and isn’t it a cool Diagnosis. People born in may become musicians or pilots.

4) April –

Another spring month with similar characters traits. Men born in April are disposed to osteoporosis, thyroid client problems and asthma and women born in April should be aware of bronchitis and tumors. People born in april may become dictator bosses.

5) May –


People born in may are typically ambitious and hard working. However, they tend to spend a of money as well being very emotional. They can get angry quite fast. People born in May become sportsmen or sportswomen, politicians.

6) June-

People born in the summer view this world positively. Never the less they are disposed to cyclothymia again. Nothing serious to worry about just frequent mood swings in some races cases cyclothymia may profress into a psychological disorder such as bipolar disorder or a maniacal depressive psychosis. People born in June may become CEO’s or scientists.

7) July –

People born in July are caring and very devoted to their families. They are sensitive and emotional and can be very protective of the ones they love.Perhaps they carry too much responsibility on their necks. People born in July may become Builders and Performers.

8) August –

The strong motivated and hard working people tend to become famous or powerful. They have some peculiar magnetism in their personality that doesn’t leave other indifferent. People born in August may become builders or politicians.

9) September –

People born in the fall are often short-tempered. These are some good news as well these born in September, October and November Don’t typically suffer from depression or bipolar disease. The amazing news though is that all people born in September have much smaller chances of suffering form any chronic disease. People born in September may become High-achieving students or sportsmen

10) October

– People born in October are extremely charismatic coupled with Romanticism and emotional intelligence this fact makes their personalities very Captivating. People born in October may become Engineers and artist. People born in December may become Entrepreneur or Doctor.

11) November –

These good-looking people can boast their loyalty to their beloved ones. They are hard working clam and collected and they play by their own rules to achieve their goals. Too stubborn for their own good they also need some personal space. People born in November may become famous criminals or Scientist.

12) December –

People born in December are usually fun to be around. They make friends easily and may have a lot of admirers. People born in December may become Dentist and Entrepreneur.




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