What your Eye color tells about your personality


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On a natural & regular basis, we are used to meet people with different eye color. We express our perspective to judge the reason behind the dynamic eye colors.

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Scientists, on the other hand, give their own views to express eyes. An eye according to them expresses your personality as they are a genetic trait, it tells us about your fortune. It is said that eyes reveal the secret of your soul. It is founded that eye color affects the same genes that are formed from our frontal lobes.

What your Eye color tells about your personality

Eyes are closely linked with the brains as well as your personalities.

We are sharing few types of eye color. Let us find what type of eyes you have?

Dark Brown

It is the most common color in the whole world. Almost 55% people around the world have it. Your dark eyes reveal that how sensitive, pure & kind you are. Brown color also conveys a personality that you are confident & at the same time humble & polite. This eye color also depicts that you are a great lover & they go out of the way just to make their special ones happy & satisfied.


Blue Color

The second most common eye color in the world comes from the same ancestors. This color signifies your strong stamina. These people are quite gentle. It is said that these people have the immune to tolerate pain, as their patience level is quite strong. You simply don’t express much. You tend to have long-lasting relationship.

Green Color

If you have green eyes then I want to congratulate you, as the people most feel about you to be cute, sexy, alluring & mysterious. You are strong person as well cautious at the same time. You have a balance mind, youthful vibrancy & compassion. You perceive to be people’s favorite.

Grey Color

You are either the most balanced person or the two-sided person. These eyes are rare. You are thought driven & incredibly rational. You have a strong demeanor. These types of person are hard to be trusted, yet you are a serious person. You are quite wise & gentle.

Hazel Color

These types of person are the elegant ones. You are a full of fun, positivity & adventurous too. You adopt any situation easily & you get bored easily. You are spontaneous & independent too. You live life freely. You don’t let the rules having an effect on you. You just wanted to be happy & just hate routines.

Black Color

You possesses a quality of a natural born leader. It is the rarest color to be found. You have the potential to rule the whole world, you just need to find your inner strength. You are very trustworthy person & you never share your secrets. They are the most reliable person whose advice & guidance can heal your experience.

So, these are all we have about your eyes, just let us know what type of eye you possess.



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