Wheat, rice will be available from ATM


By now you must have seen notes coming out of ATM machines. But very soon such technology is being invented. After that the withdrawal of wheat and rice from ATM machines will also start. The government is soon planning to install such ATMs at cheap street shops. Then you will get freedom from standing in line to get ration. Automated Teller Machine or ATM will be launched as a pilot project first. After this, ration ATM machines will be installed across the country. So that people can get rid of the problem.

According to media reports, long queues are often seen at ration shops. Many people return without ration after seeing the problem. Taking this problem seriously, the government is planning to install ration ATM machine. However, the government has not yet announced when the ration ATMs will be started. However, media reports claim that very soon you will see wheat and rice coming out of ATM machines.

Will be a smart card: According to the information, the ration card will be made smart like PVC or DL ​​and Aadhaar card. After which as soon as the card is exchanged in the ration ATM machine, the details of the concerned card holder will appear on the screen. It is said that by pressing the right button, the beneficiaries will get wheat and rice in equal quantity. As given per unit.

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