Whether it is strong sunlight or rain… Uncle’s cycle with indigenous jugaad will not stop, see what is special about


Lifestyle News Desk. The heat has started increasing in many parts of the country. In such a situation, many people are facing great difficulty. Especially those people who struggle for bread for two times in the sun. But in the meantime, a person has come up with a great indigenous trick to beat the heat.

agarbatti desi jugaad


A video is going viral on social media, in which a person has used desi jugaad to avoid the sun. People do not get tired of praising his acting. The boy is quite old, so people are praising his performance.

Made from old things Usually where people throw away the redundant or old things, the old man has used all these things to make something useful. It is seen in the video that the old man has made a frame around the girl’s cycle. Tires are also fitted under it. The advantage of this frame is that the burning heat will not affect the cyclist.

ways to avoid extreme heat

Riding a bicycle in the scorching heat is no less than a task. Yet people succumb to compulsion and do not see any heat or problem in running a family. But everyone is liking the indigenous game that the old people have brought to escape the heat. This video of an elderly person is going viral on social media. So far more than 31 thousand people have liked this video and more than 22 lakh people have seen it. After watching the video, people are not tired of praising the old man.

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