Which ants are auspicious or inauspicious , Must Read for your own good

Ants enter the house of everyone like an uninvited guest. As such, ants are of two colors – red and black. Which color ant do you like better? Surely your answer will be black ant. It is true that red ants bite, but black does not bother us. Very few people go that ants are also very special in themselves and their arrival in our house is a sign. Yes, according to our beliefs, there are many auspicious and inauspicious signs associated with ants and it is said that the ants coming out of the house also indicate the events in our life. According to people, the arrival of red and black ants gives different indications. .. Let us tell you what are the signs associated with ants

Which ants are auspicious or inauspicious , Must Read for your own good

– Black ants are auspicious

– Black ants coming into the house is considered very auspicious. At the same time, in many remedies, it is also said to feed black ants flour, sugar, etc., because it is said that feeding food to black ants is considered very auspicious. Explain that the arrival of black ants in the house is considered a symbol of happiness and opulence.

This is a very auspicious sign if ants come out in a stuffed pot of rice. It is also believed that by this you can get rid of financial troubles quickly. To put it clearly, the arrival of black ants in the house is considered a clear sign of the arrival of wealth.

Red ants come in the house is inauspicious

– red ants must have come to your house at some time or the other. These red ants are also very dangerous, because when they bite, that part of the body becomes red and it also hurts. Yes, if more red ants have started coming into your house, then it is not considered auspicious. Actually, it gives us an indication that troubles can surround your life in the coming times and it also indicates loss of money, etc., but when red ants appear in your house with eggs or grains. Then it is not considered inauspicious.

Ants also give different directions 

– North direction is considered very auspicious and if black ants are coming from north direction in your house then it is very auspicious sign and coming from east direction Ants can also bring any positive signs for you. Not only this, ants coming from west direction indicate you to travel in time. You must have liked the special things related to the black and red ants told by the Vedas and from now on, you will give some sweet or flour to the black ants to eat.

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