Which is Better Pink or White Guava:Pink or White Guava? what is beneficial for health

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Which is better pink or white guava: When it comes to buying fruits in the market, some fruits are quite liked. This means that the empty bag from the house gets filled as soon as it comes home and these fruits are definitely visible somewhere in this bag. The same may be happening in your house as well. You or someone in the family must be in love with this fruit. This fruit is guava. (Read benefits of pink and white guava for a healthy stomach)

Vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants are present in huge amounts in this fruit. The manganese present in guava helps in increasing its quantity in the body. So the folate present in it is beneficial for increasing fertility.

The real dilemma arises when someone asks us which guava to eat. Generally, there are two types of guava. One is pink and the other is white. By consuming this fruit, the amount of glucose in the blood remains under control. Apart from this, it is also advised to eat guava to strengthen bones.

Which Guava is Beneficial? (pink or white guava)
Pink guava has less sugar and starch than white guava. White guava is also rich in antioxidants. But, according to nutritionists, pink guava is beneficial for the body.

Guava, which has a pink color inside, contains a large amount of vitamins A and C. Along with this, omega 3, 6, polyunsaturated fatty acids are also found. This helps to avoid many serious diseases. The fiber components in Peru are beneficial for diabetics. Guava is also advised to keep the digestive system smooth.


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