Why are fuel sales falling in March after a record high in February? This connection is with the weather


Business News Desk, Fuels like diesel and petrol are consumed on a large scale in India. With the increasing size of the economy, their consumption is also increasing. This is the reason that last month a new record was created for the sale of diesel and petrol in the country.

Petrol demand decreased so much
According to preliminary industry data, there has been a decline in fuel sales during the first two weeks of March. During this period, 12.2 lakh tonnes of petrol was sold, which is 1.4 per cent less than the same period a year ago. On a monthly basis, there has been a decrease of 0.50 per cent in the sale of petrol in the first two weeks of March.

Diesel demand has also come down
Talking about diesel, the most consumed fuel in the country, its demand has also come down. During March 01 to March 15, the demand for diesel in the country decreased by 10.2 percent to 31.8 lakh tonnes. In the same period a year ago, 35.4 lakh tonnes of diesel was consumed in the country.

february came so fast
Before this, if we look at the figures of February, during the first two weeks, an increase of about 18 percent in the consumption of petrol was recorded on an annual basis. At the same time, there has been an increase of about 25 percent in the sale of diesel.

these reasons are responsible
There was a huge demand for fuel from the agriculture sector in the month of February. Apart from this, increased activities in the transport sector after the sluggishness of winter also helped in increasing fuel consumption. Talking about the month of March, along with the increase in temperature, there is a decrease in the demand for fuel i.e. diesel-petrol every year in this month.

Fuel demand has also increased due to the return of speed in the aviation sector in the month of February. India’s aviation sector is rapidly recovering from the effects of the Corona pandemic. The domestic aviation sector has reached pre-Covid levels.

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