Why did Sonia Gandhi make Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister? Obama Revealed

In his book, former US President Barack Obama, who described Rahul Gandhi as a nervous leader, has made a big disclosure about Sonia Gandhi and former PM Manmohan Singh, the loudness of Barack Obama’s ‘A Promised Land’ in India nowadays. It is being discussed. The discussion began when a commentary on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi came out in his book last week. The New York Times has reviewed Obama’s memoir ‘A Promised Land’. In the memoirs, Obama also mentioned Rahul’s mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Why did Sonia Gandhi make Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister? Obama Revealed

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Obama has written that India’s politics is still revolving around caste, religion and familism. He has written that the election of Dr. Manmohan Singh as PM was an effort in the direction of progress of the country other than these. But with this it is also true that he did not become Prime Minister because of his popularity, but he was made PM by Sania Gandhi. Obama said that more than one political analyst believes that Sonia Gandhi made Manmohan Singh’s election very thoughtfully. Because Manmohan Singh was an elderly Sikh leader who had no national political base.

With such a leader, she did not see any political danger for her 40-year-old son Rahul, because then she was preparing him for a big role. In the same way, Obama says about Rahul Gandhi that ‘he has the qualities of a’ bewildered and uncouth ‘student who has completed his entire course and wants to impress his teacher , master his subject but Lack of ability or passion

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