Why do married men find other’s wives more attractive? You will be surprised to know the reason why married men find othe


It is no wonder that married men secretly pay attention to other’s wives. Secretly and with prolonged gazing, men gaze at married women. It is purely the result of attraction. When men get committed in a relationship, their eyes tend to wander here and there more because they feel restricted. All men admire and look up to other men’s wives, but only a few go ahead and act on their charm – which later forms the basis for cheating and infidelity in marriage. Let’s take a look at the psychological reasons why married men find other men’s wives more attractive.

1. He feels unsatisfied in his married life
When a committed person is dissatisfied with his married life, his eyes start wandering here and there. This dissatisfaction usually arises when there is less communication or understanding between the man and his wife. That dissatisfaction keeps building up to the point where he tries to find satisfaction by looking at other women.

2. He loves to experiment
A married man looks at other married women when he is in a mood to experiment. Men love to experiment with new things, be it about their personal or professional life. It gives them a feel of their young days when they could do anything without being too responsible about it.

3. He compares his marriage a lot with others
Men who look at other’s wives probably do so because they think the grass is greener on the other side. He tries to compare his married life with others and feels that other people’s wives are far better than his own. Comparison arises in a marriage when there is a lack of trust, love and compassion between the two partners.

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