Why do owls cause havoc on Deepawali night, let’s know?

The vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and opulence, is the reverse. The night of Deepawali falls heavily on the owls. An owl is a bird that is believed to roam at night. Friends, you will be surprised to know that the price of this bird is between 10 and 50 thousand on the night of Diwali. The cruel eye of the people works with Maa Lakshmi’s vehicle. Slaughter Uluka and start wishing for wealth. Science can progress so much but the superstition of some people is being overshadowed by the life of owls. This bird is sacrificed on Deepawali night. Sacrificers think that this sacrifice will bring wealth. Some people do this as a tantric ritual.

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It is known that the night of Deepawali is known as the night of Mahanisha. On this night, the tantrik attains his accomplishment through ritual. The process of tantra cultivation depends on the seeker and his teacher. Why Uluka is considered to be inauspicious owl is generally considered backward, less knowledgeable, inauspicious. Positive perception towards Uluk is not in the society but is used as idiom idiom. The truth is that Uluka wanders at night and is helpful to farmers. Mice eat insects, moths.

There is confusion and superstition, because the use of the body of Uluk as a tantric process is different, it is illusion and wrong. Any creature has the right to live with nature and maintain the balance of wildlife.

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