Why everyone demanding a ban on 5G testing in India, Know what is the whole matter


A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court demanding a ban on 5G internet tower testing in India. This petition has been filed by lawyer AP Singh. The petition said that today 5G networks are being opposed across the world including India. 5G networks are a big threat to the Earth, but mobile companies have started selling 5G smartphones.

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The petition said that 5G is the biggest threat to the privacy of internet users, the data of users can also be hacked easily. It also stated that hundreds of birds died suddenly during testing in the Netherlands, about 300 birds died during testing of the 5G network in the Hague city, of which 150 birds died after the trial began. Hui.

The petition said that in the year 2018, the Chinese company Huawei tested 5G internet in Gurugram, Haryana. It said that electromagnetic radiation is used in the technology of 5G networks, it also greatly increases the risk of cancer, during pregnancy mobile radiation affects women as well as children. The petition said the 5G network will be helpful for the terrorists and there is also a big threat to the security of the country.


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