Why India’s missile power is dangerous, see list of missiles , You will be proud


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In today’s world, India‘s missile power is considered to be the best in the whole world. Because India’s scientists have made the country’s missile power the most dangerous in the world. The highest type of technology has also been used in these missiles. According to a report, India’s missile power has been made the best and powerful in the world by Indian scientists. Today, we will try to know about the complete list of missiles in India. So let’s know.

1. Short-range ballistic missiles

Prithvi 1, Prithvi 2, Prithvi 3 and Prahar.

2. Intercontinental distance ballistic missile.


3. Submarine launched ballistic missile.

K-15 Sagarika, K-5 SLBM

Why India's missile power is dangerous, see list of missiles , You will be proud

4. Cruise Missile of India.

BrahMos-1, BrahMos-2, Nirbhay

5.Tactical missile of India.


Shaurya, Prahar

6.Anti-tank missile.

Nag, Amogha Missile

7.Anti Ballistic Missile.

Prithvi Air Defense, Advance Air Defense

8. Air to Air Missile.


9. Air-to-surface missile

DRDO anti-radiation missile

10. Ship launch ballistic missile.


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