Why is Sachin Tendulkar called the God of Cricket? know today


Sachin Tendulkar God of Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar : Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, who has recorded many records in various formats of cricket, is called the God of Cricket. Why was he given this title? Was Sachin really God? Today’s discussion is on this with Navbharat Times sports editor Sanjeev Kumar.

Sanjeev ji is more than one cricketer in the country. But why is Sachin Tendulkar considered the God of Cricket? First of all, Sachin Tendulkar turns 50 today, let us congratulate him. Best wishes, may he be healthy, be happy, live long. The way he used to do fifty, then his century was waited for. Make that century, go further than that. With these best wishes, I would like to tell that how did the word ‘God of Cricket’ come about?

Neither he himself could use the fact that I am God or else it was not that he achieved a lot, then he was called God. Actually, there is a phenomenon behind it. At one stadium, Indian fans carried a banner saying the God of Cricket, this was in the 90s when he was in prime form. During that time this poster was shown. Later Australia’s opener Matthew Hayden is a very good cricketer, he also said in an interview somewhere and his quote is famous that I saw a cricketer playing. He bats at number four for India. He is probably the God of Cricket – said the God of Cricket.

It is surprising that Australians, who happen to be, appreciate so little. He has a lot of rivalry with the team in front. Such a statement came from his mouth. Then these things started happening everywhere. And more importantly, I would like to tell you. I would like to remember that Bradman is regarded as the greatest of all time. It’s like Maradona is big, Pele is big, Messi is big, Ronaldo is big? There have been many cricketers but Bradman has always been regarded as the greatest player of all time.

When he saw him playing for the first time, he also said in a statement that when I saw him playing for the first time on TV, I called my wife and said that I had never seen myself playing. But this boy is playing like I am playing. He’s playing like me. So speaking from the mouth of Bradman is not a small thing.

Ricky Ponting’s statement has come just a few days back. He is technically called the best batsman. Talk to the players who play with him. Even talking to Pakistani players, all the bowlers and batsmen say that taking Sachin’s wicket was very difficult and there is no one like Sachin. When such things come out of the mouth of an opponent, it can be understood.

He was also compared to Brian Lara. But Brian Lara has also said that Sachin was better than me, better in every sense. I have seen playing around the world and on many grounds. Whatever ground Sachin is playing, be it Australia, be it England, I would say that when he used to go to bat till Pakistan, people used to clap. In many grounds people used to stand in his respect.

Then used to go to bat, coming out is a different thing. This happiness does not belong to anyone. Look at his achievements. To score close to 35,000 runs in international cricket and play for 24 years is a great achievement in itself and a rarity. Any player will get injured many times in 24 years. This opportunity also came to Sachin. It was reported that he was injured. He will not be able to play after tennis elbow. When he came back after injury, he started scoring more runs.

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