Why post office recurring deposit is a hit, know every answer from account opening to closing


utility News Desk, Many People good Return Of For recurring deposit i.e RD In Investment Do Are. But What You Know Are That You banks Of apart from Post Office In Too RD account Khulwa Can Are. No Only To you best Return will get. Rather Your By Investment Did Went Complete Money Its Near Safe will remain, Because Post Office In Investment done Went Pennies But Government Did sovereign Guarantee would have Is. Come Know Are This scheme Of about In Complete Talk.

Interest Rate

post office recurring Deposit But Current In 5.8 Percent Per Year Did Interest Rate Is. This Interest Rate 1 January 2023 From Applicable Is. This Plan In Interest quarter Base But combined Would Is.

Investment Did Amount

This Small Savings Plan In One Person Each month Less From Less 100 Rupees Of Investment Tax Can Is. Its apart from Person To 10 Rupees Of multiples In Money Deposit Doing Would Is. There itself, Investment Did Any Maximum Limit Settle No Did Went Is.

Account Who shell Can Is,

post office Did This Plan In One Adult, Maximum Three Adult One Together Joint Account shell Can Are. Its apart from Guardian Any minor Or Weak Brain Of Person Did Side From Too Account Khulwa Can Is. There itself 10 Year From More Age Of minor This official Plan In Our Name From Account Khulwa Can Is. In this How many? Too accounts opened Go Can Are.


Post Office recurring deposit scheme 60 Monthly deposit But mature will be i.e Account to open Did date From Five Year As far as. Its Afterwards Person Connected post office In Application by giving This Five Year Of For increased Can Is. extended Duration Of during Applicable Interest Rate He will be That But Account Start In opened Went Was. Grace Duration Of during Any Too Time Account Close Did Go Can Is. Complete years Of For, RD Interest Rate And One Year From Less Duration Of For, post office Savings Account Interest Rate Applicable Will be

maturity From Earlier Close do

Account to open Did date From Three Year Afterwards RD Account Time From Earlier Close Did Go Can Is. Its For Connected post office In Application Letter Deposit Doing Will happen. Its apart from If Maturity From One Day Earlier Too Account Close Did go Is So Post Office savings account Did Interest Rate Applicable Will be

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