Why this fish is known as sea monster, know some interesting facts about it


Shark fish are very dangerous. It is also called the monster of the sea. Sharks can swim very fast in water. It has many pointed teeth in its mouth. The shark hunts quite peacefully. Let us know more interesting things related to sharks in this article.

Interesting facts about sharks

1. Around 360 species of sharks are found in the whole world.

2. Sharks are completely carnivorous. It is the most dangerous organism of the sea.

3.Sharks are already present on Earth about 300 million years ago.

4. They have small sand paper-like teeth all over the body.


5. There are about 4000 dangerous teeth in their mouth. Their teeth break and grow every week.

6.Shark never gets cancer. It is very powerful.

7.Shark’s life is generally 25 years.

8. It can swim in the water at a speed of about 35 to 65 km per hour.

9.Shark never sleeps. It just relaxes.

10.Shark’s body has an organ called photosensor. That shines in the dark.

11. The smell of shark is very fast. They are very expert hunters.

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