Why you should eat food with your hands and not with spoon ,Read


Nowadays people have started using spoons so that their hands are not spoiled, in olden times people used to eat food by hand. But due to the increasing influence of western civilization, the hand has been replaced by spoon. But we are not only talking about the fun of eating food with hands, but it has other benefits which you hardly know. So know about the benefits of eating food with hands

When we eat food with hands, the mudra formed by the mixing of the fingers and the thumb of the hand, due to which special energy is created in the body which is helpful in keeping the body healthy. According to a research, overeating can be avoided by eating with hands. Obesity can also be avoided by this.



When eating with hands, it is also known whether the food is hot or cold. It becomes difficult to guess it with a spoon. When we eat food with hands, then the balance of the five elements in our body is right, whereas we do not get this benefit when we eat food with a spoon.

This keeps energy in the body. In Ayurveda also eating food with hands is considered good from the point of view of health. While eating food with hands, the brain gets alerted by its touch and the brain already starts signaling the stomach to digest the food. The stomach starts making gastric juice as soon as the food is eaten and is easily digested.


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