Will aliens come to earth in 20 years? Know this secret of the universe! , Alien Existence Will Able To Confirm In 10-20 Year


Scientists have been engaged in the search for aliens for years. Now once again scientists have claimed that they will detect the presence of aliens in the next 20 years, for this special telescope is being used.

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Many types of scientific claims come out from time to time regarding the presence of aliens. In this episode, scientists have once again claimed that they will detect the presence of aliens in the next 10-20 years. For this, thousands of planets will be explored and it is expected that after that the presence of aliens will be confirmed.

It is being told that through powerful telescopes, what is there on the planets located hundreds of light years away and whether there is any world other than this world… it will help to find out. Scientists believe that there can be a world other than this world and we are not alone in the universe, but scientists are looking for evidence to confirm this.

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Initiative of scientists from Britain, America and Switzerland

Some experts from Britain, America and Switzerland have launched an Origin Federation, which will search for extraterrestrial life. They believe that modern telescopes can identify ‘biosignatures’ – such as the presence of gases such as carbondioxide and oxygen. Scientists tell that so far biosignatures have been found only on Earth, but in the coming 10-20 years we will have thousands of such planets.

Is life only on earth? scientists are searching

Emily Mitchell, a Cambridge scientist, believes that there is life on other planets in this universe, which is being explored and efforts are being made to gather evidence. He is in search of whether life exists only on this planet and if it is not so, then whether life started on other planets also through the same process or the reason is something else. The Origin Federation, which has been launched in Washington… will also find out what is the origin of life.

Confirmation of 5000 planets so far, water on two

According to media reports, scientists have so far identified 5000 planets, which are revolving around the Sun in the universe, where water is also present on two planets. Doctor Mitchell says that if you have oxygen, water and methane – then you can say that life exists there.

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