Will Kapil Sibal be excluded from the Congress party?

The oldest political party in the country, which has seen the defeat of election-by-election defeat, is now struggling with infighting. After the debacle in the Bihar elections, the party’s leader Kapil Sibal has raised questions on the functioning of the party, after which the conditions have become headstrong in Congress divided into two camps. From Ashok Gehlot to Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary, he is showering on Sibal. Sibal’s opposition to the party is not liked by anyone. At this time, when the party is in most need of strong leaders like Sibal, then at such a time some leaders have started showing them the way out of the party.

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Kapil Sibal had questioned the functioning of the party after the crushing defeat in Bihar elections. He said that defeat has now become a normal phenomenon for the party whereas it is surprising. Kapil Sibal had spoken of churning out defeat in the party. He said that there is a need for radical changes in the Congress Working Committee.

Sibal had said in his interview to Indian Express , ” If the Congress has not introspective in six years, then how to expect it now ?” We know the weaknesses of the Congress. We know what the problem is organizationally. I think everyone knows the solution too. The Congress party also knows , but they are reluctant to adopt these solutions. If they keep doing this, the graph will keep falling like this. It is the plight of the Congress that concerns us all. “

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After the party’s defeat, when taking cognizance of Sibal’s talk, the party high command should have churned out, then some party leaders have started to wrap up Sibal. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot asked him not to push the internal affairs in the media, but also said that the party will return soon. After this, now Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary is also showering on Kapil Sibal. Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, has objected to Sibal’s statement. He has misquoted internal issues in the media.

Chaudhary said, ” Instead of publicly troubling the party, Sibal could have raised the issue within the party. He is a senior leader and has access to the top leaders of the party. ” Along with this, he has also advised Kapil Sibal to leave the party. He said, ” Those who are not happy with the functioning of the party and if they feel that the Congress is not a suitable place for them, then they can form their new party or join any party on their own.”

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Kapil Sibal was also among the 23 rebel leaders of the Congress. He has been questioning the policies and functioning of the Congress for a long time. It is also astonishing that Sibal is being targeted. This is because the party high command has given most of the other leaders who had revolted, whereas Sibal is empty handed, due to which he is now troubled.

Kapil Sibal is no small leader. He has seen many ups and downs in the party, in such a situation, speaking against the leaders of the party shows that the party only likes sycophancy and they do not like to rebel or do the right thing. These activities of the party are a clear indication that despite the defeat within the party there is no concern. In such a situation, Sibal is no longer liked to speak, so the party is now preparing to show Sibal the way out.

On the one hand, BJP is working on advancing new leaders with the help of experienced and elderly leaders in its camp, while on the other hand, the Congress is beating its experienced leaders while the youth is no other than Rahul Gandhi in that party. In such difficult times, this internal head of the party is nothing short of a tragedy for the political future of the Foothills Congress.

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