Will Sanjeev Balyan be able to create harmony between Kapil Dev and Gaurav Swaroop?


– Anil Royal

Meenakshi Swaroop, the newly elected chairperson of Muzaffarnagar Municipality, took over the reins of the municipality today. City Magistrate Vikas Kashyap administered him the oath. On this occasion, many prominent faces of the city including Union Minister of State Dr. Sanjeev Balyan, State Minister of State Kapil Dev Aggarwal and National President of Bharatiya Kisan Union Naresh Tikait were present there. Gaurav Swaroop has been continuously saying in his municipal election campaign that he

Sanjeev Balyan and Kadir Rana are having ‘business relations’ in Muzaffarnagar, Union Minister’s wife Sunita Balyan went to Rana House?

Want to free from corruption, so vote for him. The people of the city have voted him to occupy this chair, now it is expected that he will follow his announcement. Many congratulations to the newly elected chairperson Meenakshi Swaroop on becoming the chairperson of the municipality and she will really increase the speed of cleanliness and development in the city, this is also expected from her on behalf of the people of the city!

Today, at the time of Meenakshi Swaroop becoming the new chairman, that video also comes to the fore, which is of the inauguration of Meenakshi Swaroop’s election office. In that inauguration ceremony, former Budhana MLA Umesh Malik made a direct attack on State Minister and Muzaffarnagar MLA Kapil Dev Aggarwal, alleging that Kapil Dev

The ‘envelope’ was given to the former District President at the behest of the Minister, yet he protested, Khatauli’s BJP candidate expressed anger on the Minister!

Will not allow the municipality to run in the city. Later in his speech, Kapil Dev had also made it clear that most of the Municipal Council is a part of his Vidhansabha, so the municipality will run according to him.

Union Minister of State Dr. Sanjeev Balyan had tried to handle the matter at that time but he too in his speech had described the last 10 years as the ‘era of corruption’ of the municipality. Sanjeev Balyan probably forgot that in 10 years, he was also counting the time when Anju Aggarwal, who had joined his own party, was the chairman and it was Sanjeev Balyan who got her included in the Bharatiya Janata Party.

If Sanjeev Balyan believes that during the tenure of Anju Aggarwal in the municipality, there was corruption worth crores, then why has that woman not been expelled from the Bharatiya Janata Party till now? Today when the new chairman of BJP is taking oath

In Muzaffarnagar city, ‘Brahmins’ did ‘loose character’, others did Rasleela, the minister made BJP miserable in his assembly itself!

If there was, then why did Sanjeev Balyan give Anju Aggarwal a chair equal to him on the stage itself? There is no such protocol that the old chairman must be called in the oath of the new chairman. After all, why is the BJP glorifying the central minister who was calling him corrupt? Modi- In Yogi Raj, there is talk of zero tolerance for corruption, so either Anju is not dishonest, if so, why is she in the party and on stage?

It is very common in the political circles of Muzaffarnagar for some time now that the relationship between Union Minister Dr. Sanjeev Balyan and Minister of State Kapil Dev Agarwal is not cordial. There have been many episodes when both the ministers have been seen recommending different sides and many times it has also happened that Dr. Balyan has publicly lashed out at Kapil Dev. In such a situation, as Dr. Sanjeev Balyan was saying at the time of inaugurating the election office, will he be able to develop the city by harmonizing all the three? before reading this article Royal Bulletin See also that video of-

The ticket of Gaurav Swaroop family for the post of President of Muzaffarnagar Municipality has been announced only after the election notification, but everyone knew that the ticket is confirmed for Gaurav Swaroop. Several months back, in the presence of Gaurav Swaroop, I myself had told Kapil Dev at a function in Solitaire Hotel that the ticket is sure for Gaurav, if Gaurav wins the election, then what will happen to you in Muzaffarnagar politics, Minister?

After late Vidyabhushan, there was a big void in Muzaffarnagar’s Vaish politics, in the last 40 years many Vaish MLAs became, Somansh ji became, Ashok Kansal, Sushila Agarwal became, Kapil also became 3 times, but the Swaroop family firmly in the city’s politics. Maintain your position. Even after losing 6 elections, this family continues to remain relevant in the politics of Muzaffarnagar. This time the party changed and victory again came to the house of Swaroop family and that too on the ticket of that party, which has a huge mass base in the city. In such a situation, everyone’s eyes will be on how Gaurav’s victory will affect Kapil Dev’s political future.

It is known to the whole city that the people associated with Kapil Dev Agarwal were engaged in defeating Gaurav Swaroop in the municipal elections. About Satish Goyal, owner of Tehri Sariye and MG Public School Royal Bulletin had also published the news that he had pressed the NOTA button. Although Satish Goyal is close to both the ministers, but his relationship with Kapil Dev has been very strong and it is because of Kapil that Sanjeev Balyan also attended MG Public School.

In Muzaffarnagar, the ‘Trimurti’ whose houses were mortgaged by both the ministers, were pressing NOTA in Gaurav’s election!

Have been doing all the recommendations of Satish Goyal in the matter of Satish Goyal himself has accepted in front of many people that he and his supporters have voted for NOTA. Recently, two orders have been issued from the Chief Minister’s Office in the MG Public School dispute, in which a complete investigation of the matters related to the school will be done and strict action has been indicated from the government level on whatever the facts are.

How do you see the external relationship between Sanjeev Balyan and Kapil Dev Aggarwal, but according to political experts, the relationship between the two is not good from inside. Both of them know this, their close people also know. This is clearly visible even in ticket distribution in civic elections. When Sanjeev Balyan had decided to get Gaurav Swaroop a ticket several months ago, he had advised Gaurav to meet Kapil Dev Agarwal and fix his relations. Gaurav had also called Kapil and asked for an appointment, on which Kapil Dev himself went to Gaurav’s house, both of them sat for a long time and discussed about the election and promised help.

In the midst of the election, clear news kept coming from different sources that whatever Kapil may say, but Kapil’s many people do not want Gaurav to win, Gaurav had his own strategy, management, Gaurav won, in such a situation, this in front of Sanjeev Baliyan The big question will be that how can he reconcile between Kapil Dev and Gaurav?

Everyone in this city who has a little understanding of politics knows that as Gaurav will rise in BJP’s politics, Kapil Dev’s stature in Bharatiya Janata Party will decrease and Kapil Dev is also not such a weak player in politics anymore that he Try to increase the glory by putting it on your shoulder, how Sanjeev Balyan is able to reconcile in such a situation, it will also be a test of his political skills.

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