Woman gave birth to 5 children together in Ranchi, all healthy, first case in the history of RIMS


A unique case has come to light in the government hospital of Rims, the capital of Jharkhand, which you will be surprised to hear. Ankita, a resident of Jhatkhori in Chatra, has given birth to five children at once. Risam’s doctors performed a successful operation on Ankita. Both mother and child are healthy after the operation.

Dr. Shashi Bala, who performed Ankita’s successful operation, said that we had earlier done her ultrasound, then came to know that there are 5 children. Giving birth to 5 children is a very risky affair but Ankita said that she is ready to take that risk. It was a challenge for us. The operation was successful and both mother and child are doing well. The weight of the children is slightly less due to which they have been kept in the ICU but there is nothing to panic.

Ankita told that after 1 month of pregnancy, the doctor told me through ultrasound that I have 5 children in my stomach but it can be very risky, I said that these five children have to be brought safely into the world. Today I am very happy to see that 5 Lakshmi have come together in my house.

Ankita told that it has been 7 years since my marriage but I could not get pregnant. Tried many times but didn’t get success. My husband sells fruits and the financial condition of the house is a bit weak. That’s why we request people for help so that our daughters can get some help in teaching and writing.

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